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Watch this on Youtube! Build your own Love Hotel from the ground up. Offer your clients fine cuisine in the dining rooms. Inspect clients to see their current needs. Discover new kinds of clients such as the Skyfarers.

What is Love Hotel?


It's all about frisky business in 3 Silly Hats' debut game: Love Hotel! Build and manage a sexy hotel for lovestruck couples, making the most of a skimpy budget and showing your guests a great time.

Getting Freaky

The rooms are perverse, the staff are exceptionally discrete, and the clients just want to leave without an empty wallet!

Chocolate Moustache

Satisfy your guests' fetishes with themed suites such as: spooning, tropical, and chocolate moustache.


Eventually people will come from all over the world, and beyond, to stay at your six-star Love Hotel!

Love Hotel is free and open source software hosted on GitHub.

The code is released under an MIT License, while the assets are released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.


"It’s actually flippin’ amazing. I played it all day."
- Cara Ellison, Rock Paper Shotgun

"More and more and more. All this heat. Rushing. Swell. Hot."
- Chris Priestman, Indie Statik

"Tiny Tower... with far, far more sex."
- James O'Conner,

"Makes me somewhat hopeful for the future of video games."
- Bob Reinhard, Low on Life

"In the throbbing vein of SimTower."
- Andrew Gray

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Love Hotel

Who Made Love Hotel?

Love Hotel was made by 3 Silly Hats, a group of university students from Adelaide.

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